Ngo Anh Khoa - CTO Wee Digital

Ngo Anh Khoa - CTO Wee Digital



Startup - life is not for everyone

Start-ups have limited resources, so problems may seem infinite. This is why efficiency should be maximized and employees of startups must be willing wear many hats.

For example, if one owns a car repair shop, there must an understanding of electrical workings and knowledge to repair other parts of a car. One can’t say he/she knows how to change car tires, therefore they are an auto repair shop, right? The saying, “Mastery of craft,” shouldn’t be an excuse to not learn other aspects that are relevant to your field. It probably means you shouldn’t be fixing houses if you’re into auto repair, but does not constitute for not trying to learn how to fix other parts of a car.

To be frank, coders looking for 8- hour work days with two days a week off, 12 vacation days a year, including holidays then startup life is not for you. Instead, apply at foreign companies or large corporations in the country…