Wee Experience




Money transactions should be more transparent and efficient. With our face recognition technology, Facepay is a disruptive experience to manage money, making it possible for the completion of transactions with your face. It provides better security through biometrics solutions, allowing partners to authenticate and better understand their customers.



Face OTP

Provides another secured, but frictionless layer of security to OTP (One- time- password) process.


Wee Network



With FacePay and Face OTP, banks can allow customers to connect to one network for omni-channel banking, digital engagements, customer insights and marketing campaigns.


FacePay is developed for an optimized shopping experience for users and in turn, increasing retail sales.

  1. Seamless customer purchase experience.

  2. Individual customer profile, history, shopping habits and data analysis for  a deep market insight.

  3. Targeted and relevant in- store ads based on consumer’s profile & behaviors.

  4. Loyalty Points System for customer engagement.



Delivering a consistent brand experience across various touch points is critical to effectively engage customers in today’s preferred omni-channel environment.

  1. Establish emotional customer connection via personalized service

  2. Re-create deeper consumer engagement with brands.

  3. Gamification campaigns to bring brands and consumers closer via AR activation solutions

  4. Brand stories come to life under the customers’ eyes.


Banking with our partners, users have an omnichannel experience with retailers and brands on one network. With user- centric designs and models, we believe the best way to have a healthy network is by focusing customer experience.

FacePay optimizes the user’s shopping experience

  1. Provides a seamless customer purchase experience/lifestyle

  2. Creates a unique & intimate customer experience

  3. Targeted and relevant in- store ads


wee social fund

Wee Smile Initiative

Wee Smile Initiative is a non- profit action from a tech to deploy corporate social responsibility.

With the same biometrics security technology (face recognition and authentication) we use for our clients, we're installing tablets at malls/retailers with high volume footprints and branches throughout the country. Customers can simply smile and donate 1,000VND at a time. We partner with brands to match the amount collected. In numbers, our platform can generate 1,000VND into a bigger fund to give to a charity. Powered by blockchain technology making all points traceable, we make social responsibility simple, transparent and engaging. Smile and join the movement. Share your smiles captured on www.smile.wee.vn to friends and family. By giving a smile, you can help someone smile.